Equal Opportunity in Engineering

We have been actively involved with My Introduction to Engineering Summer Camp (MITE), an Equal Opportunity in Engineering Program hosted by the Cockrell School of Engineering for outstanding underrepresented minority and female high school seniors that are interested in engineering, science and math. In the summer, we introduce ~100 high school sophomores, juniors and seniors to the field of chemical engineering and related career paths. They interact with various faculty members, tour the labs and learn more about the specifics of the ChemE program at UT Austin.  In our lab, we strive to inspire interest in science and engineering by demonstrating various techniques we use in our research, including gel electrophoresis and flow cytometry.

Breakthrough Austin

Our group also collaborates with Breakthrough Austin for several programs. During the summer, we work with over 50 middle schoolers to introduce them to biotechnology and chemical engineering in collaboration with the University of Texas.

We also began another NSF sponsored event, the Raising Future Scientists workshop, where middle school students and their families came to campus for a day of learning about science and engineering with our group and Dr. Michael Baldea’s group. Our group created a mystery themed set of  demonstrations to inspire interest in biotechnology and to teach about applications for techniques used in our research. See also Breakthrough Austin – Raising Future Scientists. Click here for some photos from past events.

John L. Warfield Center for African and African American Studies

We are working with the John L. Warfield Center of African and African American Studies to increase the enthusiasm and involvement of a diverse pool of students in science and engineering.